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The Answer to How Less Can Mean More

Louisville Small Business, Netflix, branding

Having been a big fan of movies since childhood, it should be no surprise that I find Netflix to be a bit of a dream come true. For a negligible fee, I have access to about half of a Blockbuster Video store on my phone, but Netflix has also created a separate problem for me. 

Why Your Brand Must Stay Focused

Louisville Advertising, branding, Nike - Just Do It

It’s one thing to have a great product or idea with huge potential, but if you don’t have the proper marketing skills to advertise it, it could very likely go nowhere. One very important aspect of a successful marketing campaign is FOCUS. 

First, Tell a Story

Louisville Advertising, public relations, Gibbes Museum

Your client has done their homework. They’ve been reading reviews and scouring websites for weeks now. It’s time to get down to brass tacks and your website is on their list. They give you their name, email address, phone number, and eagerly wait for you to reach out to them. They’re tired, but excited, and ready to move forward. Here’s my suggestion: when you send that email, give them a story to tell before anything else.

Don’t Be Fooled by "Fly By Night" SEO Experts

SEO, Louisville Advertising, Online Reach

You know the old saying, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is? Well, that mantra can be applied to the numerous SEO ads that are popping up almost daily promising that for “39.99, we will guarantee that your company will be #1 on Google, or at least on the first page.” While that may be true, it will only be true for about a day. SEO is not a quick fix nor is it the simple process many of these companies would have you believe.

HTML5 - The Wave of the Internet Future

HTML5, Louisville Small Business, Online

As a digital designer, the phrase HTML5 is an exceedingly frequent term to hear, use, and try to understand. It has become the latest buzzword in tech and digital design worlds, but the biggest question about it is: what is HTML5 anyway?

How a Little Creative Juice Could Light Your Business Up!

Louisville Marketing, Creative, Online Reach, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In today’s world, we, as consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every day! With that being said, how is your business going to stand out from anyone else? That’s a question that could get hundreds of different responses, but anything that can be outside the box is going to be key for your small business; the more creative your business can be, the more buzz your business can generate.

Digital Video is the Place to Be!

Pre-Roll Footage, Online Marketing, Louisville Marketing

Video is everywhere you look, from your smartphone to the back of a cab, and at your gas station. The average adult will spend an average of 5 hours per day online, on non-voice mobile devices or with other digital media this year.

Startup Weekend hits Louisville this September

Louisville Small Business, Startup Weekend

Ever thought about what it takes to start your Louisville Small B? If so, your answers can be found during Louisville’s Startup Weekend, a global grassroots movement focused on helping entrepreneurs further their unique ideas and skills through networking and coaching.

How to Use Color Philosophy to Your Advantage

Louisville Marketing, Color Philosophy, Targeting

Ever wondered what colors to use for your website? Around Louisville, you drive past signs and businesses that are eye-catching and look great. Others you shake your head and say I would have changed that a long time ago. But do you know why you feel that way? It’s the psychology of color more than the message that either relaxes you or screams at you. Colors influence people.

Facebook App Contesting is Back in Action!

App Contesting, Louisville Marketing, Facebook, Qwertee
Big news for Louisville small business owners who love to drive up the interactions on their Facebook page: Facebook has lifted the ban on non-app contesting!
To bring those who never knew there was a ban (or have no idea what "app contesting" is) up to speed, Facebook laid down in its bi-laws a few years ago an explicit ban on offering prizes to people who interacted with your Facebook page by ONLY using Facebook mechanisms. This means in simple terms, running "like this post for a chance to win" or "comment on this photo for your shot at a prize" contesting was a big no-no.
What Facebook suggested instead was to find your business an application that could be built into your page to handle such contesting. The problem was that no third party application could ever be as simple as a click-to-play that lived in the News Feed. Interactions went down, and small business enthusiasm did too.
Fast-forward to this week when news broke that Facebook has seemingly randomly decided to reverse this order. (Though to be honest, we shouldn't be THAT surprised...Facebook randomly changes their collective minds a lot.) Reasons for the reversal are unclear, but the benefit to small businesses everywhere is apparent. However, re-simplifying the Facebook playing field may have it's disadvantages too. Beware of running too mnay contests and getting caught in the din of a hundred other businesses barking about their wares for no other reason than they can. Make sure you are still maximizing your quality and not your quantity.
Pay Attention to:
1) When you post. (Most will tell you that after 8pm is the key)
2) What you post. (Pictures, and links, and useable, informative content-not just self-praising ads)
3) How often you post. (A few times a day is more than enough for most businesses)
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